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Dawn to join TNA?

I got this from LOP:

Dawn Marie has expressed interest in joining TNA. The light schedule has really helped matters. However, she doesn't want to join TNA until she is in better shape. She gained a significant amount of weight from her pregnancy, more so than most women typically gain from pregnancy. She was said to look enormous when she made a special appearance at the final Hardcore Homecoming show in November - she was seven and a half months pregnant at the time. Dawn Marie is still feeling the after effects four months after she gave birth. She is said to now be a mere 16 pounds away from where she wants to physically be, so she's getting closer with each passing month.

"I would love to go back to work there (TNA). Right now I'm trying to get rid of the baby weight. Had I been still employed (by WWE), it would be easier for me to come back to TV right away because it's explained in the storyline - the baby weight. I can't go right back to a brand new company with the extra weight on right now. So basically I have to wait until the weight's off," Dawn Marie said in an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch that was conducted in late February.

Dawn Marie had to cancel an indy booking back in January that would have had her wrestle in a tag team match with Jackie Gayda in late April. The reason Dawn Marie cancelled the booking was because she believed that four months would not be enough time for her to get back into shape for the match due to the significant amount of weight she gained from her pregnancy.

Dawn Marie has talked with Dixie Carter in the past. She considers her to be very approachable and personable. They've talked about their children, among some other topics. Dawn Marie considers TNA to be a great company. She regularly watches Impact, especially considering that her good friend Jackie Gayda is on the show. Also, Dawn Marie watches the show because she really would like to be a part of it in the near future.
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